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wood prints

floating-wood-print-copy.pngCreate brilliantly unique works of art from your favorite photos. Prints on 3/4” Russian Birch will allow the wood grain to show through your images, elevating every piece to something truly special. Many different sizes are available, as are creative edge shapes and stacked Floating Wood prints. Each Wood Print comes ready to hang, with a keyhole slot in the back.
About Wood Print options:
wood-prints-photo2.pngSingle Panel Wood Prints
As the name suggests, these Wood Prints are simply your photo printed on a single piece of Russian Birch of the size you selected. These Wood Prints come with a keyhole slot cut in the back, so they're ready to hang. Available in sizes from 8x8 to 40x60. Prices start at $50. 
wood-creative-edge-thumb.jpgCreative Edge Wood Prints
These Wood Prints are much the same as a Single Panel Wood Print, but they are cut with custom shapes, which makes for a more unique presentation. Available in sizes from 5 3/4 x 11 1/2 to 20x20. Prices start at $65.
Floating Wood Prints
Floating Prints take two Wood Prints: a larger background print (the size you select when ordering), and a smaller print with your photo shadow-mounted to the background print - so it appears that your photo is floating in front of the background. You can select a different photo for the foreground and background panel, or you can use the same photo for both panels, so it appears as if your photo is "jumping out" at you. Sizes range from 8x8 floating on 10x10 background to 24x36 floating on 28x40 background. Prices start at $99.

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