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See What Our Happy Customers Have to Say About Their Experience

At Art’s Cameras Plus, we’re honored to have great customers who are happy to share their experiences with us. Read the testimonials and reviews below to see what some of our valued customers have to say about their Art’s photography classes, shopping experience, events, and photo/video services.


“I really appreciate that there is a camera shop with knowledgeable staff! I drive more than an hour to get here multiple times a year! Shout out to Kevin for setting me up with an awesome gently used lens that is just what I wanted! I have also taken several classes at both locations and if I lived closer I would love to be able to participate in focus classes. I discovered some great equipment via an in person shoot (where the staff brings lenses etc to test) and then later bought that lens because I knew it was perfect.” - Rebecca C.

“The updated online ordering format is the best yet. Such a pleasure. Makes me want to shoot more, so as to use more often. Another reason to recommend ACP.” - Daniel K.

 "The 'dot-com' era has certainly brought a lot of changes to the retail industry. A person can buy virtually anything online, except service. And, I will qualify that by saying: 'knowledgeable service.' Its importance was clearly demonstrated yesterday by you and Rick as you once again helped me fix something that I brought upon myself.

Photography can be an incredibly satisfying hobby. To some, a passion. Today’s technology places no limits to what a person can do with a camera. But, it can be complicated. Living in a retirement village seven months of the year, I see firsthand the frustrations of people who bought cameras online or at a place like Target and know very little beyond how to turn the camera on.

As you know, I will head up a team that will take the photos for the USA Pickleball Association’s national tournament to be held at my home park—Palm Creek, Casa Grande, AZ—this November. Following our visits this summer, your tutelage, as well as lens selection, has me feeling much more confident going into this shoot. The many programs that Art’s Cameras provides helps folks like me take better pictures. It adds value that 'dot com' simply cannot match." 
- Tom G.

 “I would like to tell you how happy I am with the customer service I experienced at the Silvernail location today. I was waited on my a delightful young lady, named Claire L. I had trouble making up my mind on a camera, and she offered excellent suggestions and help. I felt she was very knowledgable and patient with what was a difficult decision for me. Claire L should certainly get acknowledged for her representing Art's Camera in such a positive way. Thank you Claire L” - Linda C.

“I have purchased all of my camera equipment from Art’s—they are very knowledgeable. I feel so comfortable talking with the sales team there. I never feel like I’m asking a stupid question and that’s a big deal to me since I’m just starting out. I have also used their printing service...OUTSTANDING RESULTS!” - Todd L.

“Every time I have been in the Art’s store, everyone has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful about all the products. I attended my first class last night and learned a lot about my camera from the instructor.” - Karen J.

“My husband bought me a new camera from the Art’s store in Waukesha and was very pleased with the help he received. I am super excited to learn all about my camera. I love to take pictures and get them developed! My first class was informational and not overwhelming. Looking forward to more learning.” - Michelle R.

“I have been very satisfied with the service and help I have had at Art’s. I have taken 2 separate classes and found them to be very informative and helpful. I would definitely recommend them.” - David I.

“In this day of poor or no customer service, Art's delivers big time. I am a novice to the hobby and feel perfectly comfortable asking my foolish questions.” - Timothy P.

“The staff at Art’s is very friendly and knowledgeable. They will find the answer to every question you have. Classes are great and helpful for learning new things about taking pictures. Carry a vast variety of equipment.” - Diane M.

“I decided at the last minute to attend the How to Capture the Holidays photo class. I didn't really have time to fit in a class this week, but I was also sick of how my photos indoors—and with any Christmas lights—turn out. I left for work at 5:45 AM, went to the class after work, and finally returned home at 8:45 PM—a long day, so you can imagine how much I wanted to take this class. This class was amazing (Monica was our instructor). It was a very small class, only three of us (everyone else must have had a busy week) which was perfect because we could ask so many questions. I think I finally have aperture, ISO, exposure, etc., all figured out! Monica was great with us; answered all our questions, was very knowledgeable, and really looked like she enjoyed teaching. Just like I do every time I come to Art’s, I always pick up another ProMaster Professional Extreme memory card (taking the suggestion of one of the teachers to use a different card each day), and also purchased a gift card for a friend. What I didn't realize was that I was going to pick up was a Gary Fong Puffer—thanks to Monica for suggesting and explaining (I've always been confused about lighting). Unfortunately, I have the Canon t4i so I needed the special one which Greenfield did not carry. The women that helped me called the Waukesha location and had it held for me to pick up. I will always go to Art’s—it's my favorite store and everyone that works here is extremely helpful!” - Dawn R.

“I was photographing wooden ducks when I noticed my lens starting to separate from the body of my camera. Two screws were missing from the mounting ring and I was hoping to go out of town on a photo shoot the next day. I stopped by Art’s in Waukesha and Ray Llanas was amazing! So extremely helpful to the point of letting me look through his "box of old screws" to find a fix for my problem! I was amazed by Ray and the entire Art's staff. So much so, that I will ALWAYS purchase from Art's in the future.” - Ralph C.

“Cassie was a very informative instructor for the Nikon class at Art’s. And Lisa was very helpful and patient with me during my camera purchase experience. Thanks to both of them!” - Judy T.

"I just wanted to thank you for the Open Doors Milwaukee event—it was a pleasure. Jillian was instructive and great to work with, as all the Tamron reps have been. I had fun and learned a lot. Thank you for your efforts and Art’s Cameras for putting this event on. I am looking forward to many more—it made me a better photographer." - Jeff B. 

“I have been really impressed with the classes at Art’s. I have learned not only how to use my camera, but also to take great photos.”
- Shannon W. 

“Purchased an external flash at Art’s, and even though I did not purchase the camera there, the salesman was very helpful and showed me a few tricks in using the flash unit with my camera.” - Jim

“The sales associates and instructors at Art’s are always very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I've come to rely on them and their expertise!” - Traci G.

“Allison was our sales person at Art’s and she was wonderful, knowledgeable, and such a pleasure to shop with for our new camera. The gals that taught the class were very professional, patient, and warm. I can understand how it could be a stressful thing for them. My husband and I are 61 years old and I was surprised to see so many people in the class that were our age or older. Thanks for such a great experience.” - Jeanmarie J.

“I got a friend of mine to come to a photography class. She enjoyed it and ended up buying a camera from Art's and additional lenses. Now the two of us can enjoy coming to classes and practicing together.” - Sharon W.

 “We love shopping at your store. Have bought our last three cameras and our two binoculars from you. We live in Waldo now but will drive to Greenfield to shop with you.” - Christine S.



“I absolutely LOVED that lens!! You all are so much better than some of the online options I have used in the past! I will be back, no doubt!!” - LeighAnn M.


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