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Custom Film & Photo Scanning

Digitize Your Old Film and Photographs

Art's Cameras offers multiple quality scanning services. All print and film scanning is done locally in store at the Waukesha location by our skilled photo technicians.  We can save your images to a CD, DVD, or 16GB USB Flash Drive. Our lab can also make scans into print.

Do you have shoeboxes or albums filled with prints, or boxes and carousels filled with slides you'd like to digitize? Then you may be interested in our economical Memory Box Kit service. CLICK HERE for more info.

Scanning Film

Standard 35mm Film Scans: Suitable for digital sharing or printing up to 8x12" size. 35mm film is scanned at 2000dpi to create a 3-4MB JPEG file. This service is only available for 35mm negatives cut into 4 or 5 frame strips, or 35mm slides in standard cardboard or plastic mounts - 35mm film that does not meet these requirements, and all other film types must be scanned as Hi-Res.

Standard non-35mm Film Scans: Suitable for digital sharing or printing up to 8x12" size. Film is scanned at 2400dpi to create a 2.5-10MB JPEG file. This service is available for any film type. 

Hi-Res Film Scans: Provides the best quality scans for any film type. It is recommended for archiving and large poster-sized prints. Film is scanned at 4800dpi and cleaned up digitally to create a 5-20MB JPEG file.

Scanning Prints

Standard Print Scans: Suitable is suitable for duplicating an 8x10 or smaller photo up to 2x its original size. Prints are scanned at 600dpi to produce a 2-5MB JPEG.

Hi-Res Print Scans: Ideal for archiving and creating larger reproductions from 8x10 or smaller prints. Prints are scanned at 1200dpi and digitally cleaned up to create a 36MB JPEG file. 

Image Capture: For prints larger than 8x10 size, but smaller than 16x20, an digital image capture copy shot is necessary. A 30-37MP image is captured to create a 13-29MB JPEG file. For prints larger than 16x20, or collages containing small details such as text, multiple image captures may need to be taken, then digitally stitched together -  an Art's lab associate will consult with you about the best image capture solution and project estimate.

Scanning Costs

Standard Scans of 35mm Film: $1 per frame

Standard Scans of Any Film Type: $3 per frame

Hi-Res Scans of Any Film Type: $6 per frame

Standard Scans of Prints: $2 per print

Hi-Res Scans of Prints: $8 per print

Image Captures of Large Prints: $30 per capture

Save Scanned Images to CD: $4 per disc

Save Scanned Images to DVD: $6 per disc

Save Scanned Images to USB Flash Drive: $10 per drive


We respect Copyrights!

There are laws that protect copyrights. It is usually illegal to copy or digitally reproduce photographs taken by others. Check with on Art’s associate for help in getting permission.

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