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Pets & Portraits

Pet Photography

Anyone who has ever tried to take pet photos knows how challenging and unpredictable it can be. Unlike our human subjects, our 4-legged family members don't like to sit still and pose. In this class we will cover equipment, camera settings, and lighting.  We will also cover many tips and tricks to turn your furry friend's snapshots into "the perfect shot."

$39/person or $29.25 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club

Tuesday, August 28th 6:00pm-8:00pm Waukesha Jerry






Portraits: Settings and Poses

If you want to shoot your High Schooler's senior portrait, this class is for you! We'll help you understand exposure and how controlling your aperture will let you blur or sharpen your background detail. Learn which lenses work best and what simple accessories will help you reduce harsh shadows. We'll teach you how to use fill-in flash outdoors and share posing techniques that will help you take portraits like a pro. We HIGHLY recommend attending a DSLR 101 or Making Sense of Fstops and Shutter Speeds, or having equivalent knowledge of your equipment and photographic concepts, before attending this class.

$49/person or $36.75 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club

Thursday, August 23rd 6:00pm-8:30pm Greenfield Cassie





Photographing Children

This class will share ideas that will help you create great photographs of children from toddler to the early teenage years. We’ll build your photographic skills in the areas of posing, composition, and managing light. Although some time will be spent discussing features and techniques common in most interchangeable lens cameras, owners of digital compact cameras will also benefit. This class assumes you have a good understanding of your camera and its various shooting modes/settings.

$49/person or $36.75 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club

Event Closed 6:00pm-8:30pm Greenfield Cassie Event Closed







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