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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Taking a Photo

It is very easy to snap a photo without too much thought, but getting in the habit of asking yourself some simple questions before you take the shot can take your photography to the next level. In this class we will talk about the things to consider that will immediately improve your pictures and cut down on your editing time.

Bird Photography

Bird photography can be quite challenging due to fast, unpredictable movements and difficult lighting situations. This class will cover how to conquer these issues and capture beautiful photos of our winged friends. We will discuss equipment, settings, lighting, composition and how to create captivating bird photos.

Capture Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset Photos

The glow of a sunrise or sunset is a beautiful thing to capture and knowing the right settings is essential as the light is constantly changing. We will also discuss composition, gear and ways to make your photos truly unique.

Exposure: The 3 Big Settings

Learn how to explore the creative possibilities of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. We will discuss how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect your photos and how to control these settings in your camera.

Make Magic Happen With Filters

It's easy to think that filters are old-fashioned and unnecessary but there are many effects that are too difficult or impossible to create in editing software that can be achieved by using different types of filters. We will also cover when and why you want to use them that will result in stunning photos.

Lightroom: Controlling Color

No matter what subjects you like to photograph, Lightroom offers tremendous control over the colors in your photos. We will show you how to take any image and make the colors pop by using simple adjustments like hue, saturation, tone curves and much more.

Creative Long Exposure Photography

Long exposures can turn car headlights into streaks, make water seem ethereal, help convey motion and much more. In this class we will discuss settings, equipment, light and how to make everyday scenes look otherworldly.

Make the Most of Your Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lenses can be tricky to use because they are different than how we normally see the world. These lenses require a different approach than other lenses in your bag. Learn how to best use your wide angle lens to get spectacular photos.

Photographing Kids

Taking photos of your kids can be hard work. They are energetic and don't always listen when we want to photograph those precious moments. This class will explore how to get the best result both indoors and out. We will discuss settings, lighting, ways to keep kids interested and engaged and much more. 

Tips and Tricks for Still Life Photography
When photographing a still life subject, rather than capturing a moment, you are creating an image. We will discuss constructing your photograph including subjects, backgrounds, lighting and composition. The skills needed for still life will translate into other areas of photography as well.

Abstract Macro Photography

Macro photography opens up a whole new world with no shortage of subject matter. Learn how to look beyond the obvious, emphasize texture and create stunning abstract images.

Understanding Color in Photography

As photographers, we have many tools to help make our pictures pop, including color. This class will explore how to use bold imagery to draw attention to your subject, tell a story, create a powerful visual effect and utilize hues to your benefit in order to take your images to the next level.

Milky Way Photography

The Milky Way is one of the most impressive sights in the night sky. Join us as we discuss the gear, prep work, settings, composition and much more to capture the Milky Way in all its majesty.

Wildlife Photography

This class will teach you in-depth lens and exposure techniques to improve your photos of nature and wildlife. We’ll discuss lighting, composition, exposure tricks, stopping action and how to turn those nice snapshots into fantastic images.


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