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Memory Card Test

Your Memory Card May Not Be Right For Your Camera

Perform This Simple Test to Find Out

If you bought your camera in the last two years, you have a very powerful computing device capable of shooting at high speeds and recording Hi-Definition video. BUT, if your memory card is more than 2-years old, it is unlikely that it can keep up with the hi-volume of information that you camera is sending to it. Basically, you aren’t able to use your camera to its fullest capability. Here is an easy test:

  1. Look at all your SD cards. Is there a circle with a number in it? If it says 4 or 6, you should replace it! The minimum you should be using is a class 10 card or it may not keep up with your camera.
  2. Find out the write speed & transfer rate of the card. Even a standard, class 10 card only writes at a speed of 163x and transfers only 24 MB/second. For today’s cameras, we recommend a card of at least 366x & a transfer rate of 55MB/second. The best cards will write at 600x with a transfer rate of 90MB/second.

Most of the bargain cards being sold today, even if they are class 10, don’t even live up to the minimum standards for today’s digital cameras. We’ve seen hundreds of bargain cards that have failed and lost very important images – vacations, weddings, births, etc. Don’t take a chance - you truly do get what you pay for.

Art's stocks three different levels of cards, in both SD and CF formats, so you can choose the one best suited for your needs.

5926-8gb-sdhc.jpg ProMaster Performance cards are suited for the casual photographer who takes normal “snapshots”. If you don’t shoot photos in quick succession or use your video function (which you should – it’s awesome!) these class 10 cards will work just fine and are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.
1170-pro-16gb-sdhc.jpg ProMaster High-Speed cards offer even faster transfer rates. They are perfect for continuous shooting and fast enough for any HD video application.

ProMaster Professional cards are made in America and built to withstand extreme conditions. These 600x cards feature a 90MB/second transfer rate making them among the fastest on the market. These “Red Cards” are waterproof, shock resistant and come with a weatherproof storage case. This is the card of choice by virtually every Art’s employee.


ProMaster Professional Velocity Memory Cards are for photographers and videographers with the need for speed! The 100MB/s write speed is perfect for recording clean, uninterrupted video at today's super high resolutions. Want to shoot still pictures in high-speed burst mode? Go ahead. Velocity memory can keep up with your camera's high frame rate, even set to RAW. The blazing fast 285MB/s download speed quickly pulls large files into your computer or video editing suite.


ProMaster Professional Rugged Memory Cards are designed to keep memories safe! Their world-proof design is the result of a unique manufacturing process making the cards up to 3 times stronger than other products. Industrial grade internal components offer maximum protection against water, high humidity, extreme heat and cold, as well as impact. RUGGED memory is simply the strongest storage available for your irreplaceable memories!


Buy with confidence! ProMaster backs all their memory cards with a lifetime warranty. ART’S backs them with a lifetime image recovery warranty. Should a ProMaster card ever fail, we’ll perform an image recovery service in an attempt to reclaim any corrupted or lost images for FREE and then replace your card with a similar ProMaster card. Nobody stands behind their cards like ProMaster and Art’s Cameras Plus. Don’t trust your valuable images to anything less!

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