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Image Recovery

Help, my images are missing!

Memory cards can lose data for lots of reasons. It could be that the files were just deleted by accident, the camera might have corrupted the data, or the card itself may have failed. It's a common misconception that your memory card is an archival way to store your images, but as we've experienced, cards can let you down for a number of reasons. The best way to avoid a data crash is to always use a high-quality memory card. We are so confident in the ProMaster brand of memory cards, we offer a lifetime warranty and FREE data recovery if you experience data loss on your ProMaster card.

If you do experience a card failure, fear not! Art's Cameras Plus is here to help you get your memories back from any brand card with our Memory Rescue Service!

In most cases Art's can recover your memories and get them back to you in three business days or less, and if for some reason we're unable to recover your data, you will never be charged!

If you have researched data recovery, you know that it can be expensive, sometimes prohibitively expensive, think up to $400 for a small 4GB card! Art's knows that your images are important, and we pride ourselves on great service AND great value. Our Memory Rescue Service includes a quick turn-around time and will download your recovered images on a convenient USB Flash Drive!

Q: That sounds great, but how much will this actually cost me!?

A: Our services start at $39.99 for small recoveries up to 2GB and $59.99 to recover between 2 and 4GB. If we recover more than 4GB, our charges are simply $15 per GB over that.

**We believe you should only pay for what we can recover. You will only be charged for the amount of data that we are able to recover! If you bring in a 16GB card and we only recover 2GB, you will only pay $39.99!

Note, Image recovery is NOT selective.  We cannot choose the event or specific images we wish to recover.  Often, images that were intentionally deleted years before will be part of the recovery and will be included in the cost of the recovery.  Ask an Art’s associate for tips on archiving your images prior to formatting your card to keep it “fresh.”

When you pick up your recovery, if you wish to take advantage of our ProMaster cards and the Lifetime Warranty and Free Recovery services, Art's will give you 20% off of any of our ProMaster Professional cards!


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