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Free Seminar Saturday

Cancelled-Art's Greenfield has Free Seminar Saturday!

That's right, FREE learning opportunities at the Greenfield store. Drop in on any 30-minute mini-class topic that interests you. Registration is not required, but it is recommended you click on the links below to sign up and reserve a spot - seating is limited!

Saturday, April 4th

11am-11:30am-Tips for Great Architectural Photos

Whether you would like to capture cutting edge designs or a historical facade, architectural photography has it's challenges. This class will help take those snap shots and turn them into amazing art by dealing with awkward lighting, tilting lines and more.


12pm-12:30pm-Capture the Perfect Sunrise or Sunset

What is it that makes it so difficult to to translate the beauty of a sunrise or sunset into the perfect photo? We will share tips to make capturing your next sunset much easier including camera settings, composition, using silhouettes and creating the starburst effect. 


1pm-1:30pm-Guide to Baby and Toddler Photography

Babies grow fast so you want to capture every perfect moment but photographing them can be tricky. We will discuss posing, props, lighting and techniques for creating adorable memories that will last a lifetime.


2pm-2:30pm-Make the Most of Natural Light

Understanding light is the single most important step you can take to improve your photography. Learn how to achieve the best light for your subject by utilizing the right time of day or weather. We will also talk about ways to overcome challenges when the light isn't cooperating the way we want.

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