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Film Developing

C41 Color Film Developingfilm.png

All of your 35mm C41 color film is processed in store at our Waukesha location.  Your film will be expertly developed by our team of skilled photo technicians.  Each frame is custom color and density adjusted for the best possible prints.  The standard paper finish is lustre, and white borders are available at no extra charge. CD's are avaible for $4.00.

C41 35mm developing

  • Develop only: $6.49
  • 24 exposure 4 x 6 prints
    • Singles: $17.05
    • Doubles: $22.33
  • 36 exposure 4 x 6 prints
    • Singles: $22.33
    • Doubles: $30.25


Other Film Developing

We are able to send other film types out for developing, including 35mm, 110, 126, 120/220, 127 and APS formats, C41 color negatives, E6 slides, and Black & White negatives. Contact us for more details!



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