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Camera Cleaning

Don't Let Dirt and Dust Get in the Way of a Great Shot

If you use a digital SLR camera, you may notice what appear to be specks or lines on your photos. Most likely this is due to dust or a hair that is on your camera's imaging sensor. Don't let a dirty sensor spoil your photos! Have your sensor professionally cleaned by a qualified Art's service technician.

  • Camera Clean & Check $69
  • Camera Light Seal Replacement $49
  • Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning $49
  • DSLR Sensor Cleaning + Diagnostic Test $89
  • Digital Camera Diagnostic Test $45
  • Digital Camera Firmware Update $49
  • Digital Camera Fine Focus Adjustment $49
  • Lens Calibration $49

Standard service time for sensor cleaning and diagnostics is 3-5 business days. We advise customers to send their own repairs – both in and out of warranty - directly to the repair center. It is our experience that this will give a faster turnaround time and a lower repair charge. We are happy to assist with this process. Art’s Cameras will provide the shipping/handling service for a flat fee of $49.99 plus the typical repair charge paid in advance. Estimates are not given.

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