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Camera Cleaning

Don't Let Dirt and Dust Get in the Way of a Great Shot

If you use a digital SLR camera, you may notice what appear to be specks or lines on your photos. Most likely this is due to dust or a hair that is on your camera's imaging sensor. Don't let a dirty sensor spoil your photos! Have your sensor professionally cleaned by a qualified Art's service technician.

  • Camera Clean & Check $69
  • Camera Light Seal Replacement $49
  • Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning $49
  • DSLR Sensor Cleaning + Diagnostic Test $89
  • Digital Camera Diagnostic Test $45
  • Digital Camera Firmware Update $49
  • Digital Camera Fine Focus Adjustment $49
  • Lens Calibration $49

In addition to sensor cleaning, we can facilitate your repair by sending your equipment to an authorized repair facility. The actual repair cost will depend on the estimate provided by the repair facility.  If you have any questions regarding repairs. please contact us by filling out the form below, or speak directly to one of our sales associates. 

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