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Why This Camera Accessory Should be Your Best Friend

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

It's important to know how necessary having the right tools for shooting photography and video, is. There are so many photo accessory options available that can make your life a whole lot easier and aid you in getting the perfect shot!

Meet, the Tripod

I know what you're thinking. Ugh, I have to carry that around?! OR maybe, it's the color. You don't like the color? The size? The functionality? Don't worry. 

Meet, the Tripod Forest. 

Art's Camera Plus has our very own, in-store wide selection of tripods. It's big, it's entangling. It's kind of overwhelming. 

But don't worry! We are going to break down the different tripod styles and what to look for depending on what kind of shooting you do.

Tripods are a fundamental tool when it comes to photography. They steady your camera when shooting panoramas, help you get those incredible night sky photos and they've even got your back when you're shooting your son's football game. But tripods don't get the kind of credit they deserve. That is, many of us would rather skip the tripod, and become the tripod instead. The truth is, you can't actually stand still like a tripod and you are at risk of getting blurry photos because of it! 

For the Hikers/Travelers

If you're trying to keep a light load, your best option is a travel tripod. the Promaster XC-M 522 and 525 tripods are small and lightweight but still give you full height when the legs and neck are fully extended. Personalize your XC-M tripod with accessory add-ons that improve functionality and buy the tripod in your favorite color (or to match your camera!).

For the Videographers

A heavier-duty tripod with a pan head or video head is ideal for videographers with extravagant rig setups. If you are just shooting with a DSLR and a shotgun mic, almost any tripod base would do, paired with a video or pan head. It makes for smoother panning and tilting when recording. Manfrotto has several tripod options for Videographers, like the Manfrotto MVK502A.

For the Parent

You're going to want an easy to open, lightweight tripod that is quick to setup and can support the weight of a camera without toppling over when potentially bumped. The Promaster Scout tripod is the perfect fit. With traditional snap locks the tripod legs can be opened and extended with ease, and it's balanced, lightweight design allows for simple maneuvering.  

For the Wildlife Lovers

If you find yourself birding and shooting pictures of wildlife, you probably could use a tripod with a gimbal head on it. A gimbal head allows for easy panning and tilting so you can follow your subject in flight or movement. A gimbal head also does a better job supporting the weight of a heavy long lens, so any super telephoto lens would rest perfectly on a gimbal head. The Promaster GH-25 paired with the Promaster SP528 tripod is one option for Wildlife photographers.

For the Star Gazers

Pictured: Nikon D750 with Sigma 60-600mm

Similarly to the Wildlife Lovers, when taking pictures of the night sky, you will probably find yourself wanting to use a super telephoto lens. In that case, a sturdy tripod with tiltable legs for balancing on uneven ground, paired with a gimbal head would do the job. The gimbal head lets you re-adjust in order to keep up with the moon rising, so you can capture that sharp and beautiful moon shot! 

For the Everyday Shooters

If you find yourself shooting a little bit of everything, a tripod that has dual functionality is a must. You can go the compact tripod route with the XC-M 525 tripod and pair it with some add-on accessories to give it more functionality. Or, pick up a Vanguard 263AB 100 or Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 with a ball head. It has a neck column that can fall at a 90 degree angle for those shooting tabletop or macro. The ball head allows for tiltable precision and the legs are adjustable for uneven ground. All in all, a great choice for those shooting a little bit of everything! 

For the Vloggers

You likely won't need a full height tripod, but a flexible table top tripod like the Joby Gorillapod is convenient, heavy-duty and perfect for handheld or a quick vlog setup. Joby has various sizes available through their Gorillapod line, so you can choose which one will hold the weight of your camera and lens.

Beyond what we we've mentioned here, there are so many other tripod options out there on the market. Come into Art's Cameras Plus, try out a tripod or two (or five), and see what works best for your photo/video setup! 

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