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Tips for Shooting Photos of Your Kids

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

The battle of getting nice, sharp images of our children… it’s never-ending. Even when they aren't toddler "busy bodies," children of all ages have a hard time sitting still long enough for you to capture that perfect photo.

Here are 5 tips on how to get better, more professional looking photographs of your kids with your camera!

Work with Natural Lighting

Unless you’re a pro with a really patient child, chances are you won’t have time to set up your own lighting. Soft-boxes can be a hassle, and flash takes some tinkering. So, keep your eyes open for a convenient natural lighting source. One of the best kinds of natural lighting is golden hour, which is the hour right before sunset and after sunrise. By using the sun to backlight your subject and possibly a reflector in front of your subject to bounce light back in their face, your results could be a beautiful, dreamy portrait.

Get in Focus

Experiment with your camera’s focusing options. If you have eye auto focusing or a autofocus face-detection feature on your camera, use that. This will help refine your focus, guaranteeing sharper images of your subject. Focus is one of the few things that can't be fixed in post processing/editing softwares. So it's imperative that your images come out sharp right out of camera!

Ask for Help

It’s super helpful to have someone there to assist with posing your subject, bouncing light with a reflector or distracting your subject long enough for you to take the photo. Don't be afraid to ask for help when it comes to your photography! 

Be Patient

When you get stressed, your subject will likely sense it and get antsy. Be willing to take breaks and be patient. Keep your eyes open too for unconventional, candid shots. Sometimes those make for the best moments captured.

Don't Always Expect a Smile

Your best photos won't always be your subject looking directly at the camera with a perfect smile on their face. Maybe it will be a shot of them running through the yard or laying on the living room floor. Be open to the possibilities of unexpected moments. 

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