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The One Thing You Should Do With All Your Photos

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

Whether you're a professional photographer or hobbyist, you likely spend a lot of time and money getting the right camera gear, prepping and setting up for the perfect shots. But often our photos never see past our hard drives, memory cards, mobile devices or the cloud online. In fact, less people are printing today than they ever have in history of printing!

Part of what makes photos so important to us is the memories they hold. They're moments that we've captured and frozen in time. But when they only exist online, it can feel less meaningful sometimes. For example, imagine if suddenly, the internet shut down. Whether it lasted for a second or a day, every photo that you'e saved online somewhere were to suddenly be wiped from existence. Would it be hundreds of memories lost? Thousands? The beauty of printing is that not only is it a new way to look and cherish a memory but it's a means to archive that photo. Prints can be scanned and made digital again, whereas if you lose the digital data of a photo, chances are there's no way you're getting it back. 

So what if you want to print your photo or photos? Where do you start?

Start with asking the right questions about printing; this includes where can I get quality printing done? Art's Cameras Plus is a great, local resource. We do nearly all of our printing services in house, which means your photos never leave the store. You're also working directly with a team of lab technicians who can customer an order for you if you're looking for something specific.

Next, what kind of printing options do I have? There are the standard sizes and print papers, such as a 4x6 on Lustre, which is considered today's semi-gloss. Or, if you want to go with a speciality print, you also have the options of printing on matte, textured fine art, canvas, metallic and even metal or wood!

Specialty prints make for fantastic gifts or even bragging rights. Plan on having some family and friends over? Get a canvas made of that beautiful sunset you captured, and hang it in the living room. Photography is an art form and can create atmosphere in a space, especially a home. Plus, it's a great conversation starter!

What if I took pictures with my phone? Photos taken with phones are just as good printed as any other photo. You may however, be limited on your sizing. The file size of a phone picture is different from that of a DSLR. So your quality won't be as good when trying to make a poster size with a picture taken off of your phone compared to one taken with a professional camera.

What if I have an old photo that I want to have digitized and/or restored? Art's Cameras Plus offers services where you can bring in an old photo and have it scanned, digitized and digitally restored. 

There are so many things that you can do with printing and photo processing sergices. Take your photography to the next level and preserve moments and memories by printing next time you're in at Art's Cameras Plus!

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