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Take Better Outdoor Photos with These 5 Tips

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

With these tips learn to take better outdoor photos this summer

Summer vacation season is just around the corner. Preserve your memories of special events, favorite destinations, and time with loved ones through exceptional outdoor photography. Here are five tips from the experts at Art’s Cameras Plus that can help you take better pictures:

  1. Go for the Gold—a common term in outdoor photography is shooting during the “golden hour,” which is that magical time just before dusk and dawn when the natural light yields exceptional results.
  2. Good-Bye, Bullseye—Great outdoor photography applies the “rule of thirds” versus centering. Imagine your image covered by a three-by-three grid, with the horizon and essential elements found within or along the lines of that grid.
  3. Practice Proactive Point of View—finding a new perspective makes your photos more creative and memorable. Try a chest harness, an extension arm, going down to the ground, or positioning yourself above your subject for a fresh angle on the familiar. Beyond perspective, try capturing more action with techniques like panning a moving subject, adjusting shutter speeds, or deliberately moving your camera.
  4. Get a Circular Polarizing Filter—want to deepen the sky’s color or see into lakes and streams? A polarizing filter is a perfect accessory for improving your outdoor shots. When used properly, this filter helps you avoid the common problem of underexposure in dark areas and overexposure of light or bright subjects in the same photo.
  5. Go Ultra-Wide—an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens helps you capture the dramatic beauty of landscapes or the energy of a crowd in a single shot. It also lets you adjust the amount of background you want to appear in your photo.

Learn and Try Before You Buy

Since you’re eager to get out there with your camera this season, we’re eager to help. Sign up for classes tailored to your skill level and interests, or gain hands-on experience at one of our photography events.

If you’re new to outdoor photography, or want to try new equipment without making a major investment, we can help here, too! Art’s Greenfield store has a full rental department, so you can try out a variety of cameras, lenses, camcorders, lighting gear, and accessories.

Another way to save is to shop tested and warrantied pre-owned equipment at both our Waukesha and Greenfield stores. Stop in for the help you need with the equipment you want as you develop and become a better photographer in every season.

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