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Snap the Ultimate Pet Portrait With These 6 Tips

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Capture your pet's charm with these tips

Your cats or dogs are members of your family, just like your sons and daughters. So it’s only natural to want to create beautiful pet portraits with them at the forefront—because let’s face it: Your pets aren’t going to photograph themselves! Art’s Cameras Plus shares tips to make capturing your four-legged friends even easier.

Tips and Tricks for Pet Photography

Of course, the hardest part of any pet photography session is getting your fur baby to cooperate. Their movements can be unpredictable and fast—two ingredients for a difficult photo shoot. The good news is that these six tips will help you create the perfect shot:

  1. Take a breath—animals can sense and adapt to your mood. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about your photography session, your pet will, too. So before you start, take a breath and relax, and your pet will be easier to work with.
  2. Eyes are the key—pets express more emotion through their eyes than any other part of the face. Try squeaking your pet’s favorite toy to get their attention, then focus on their wide, curious eyes for an emotionally engaging photo.
  3. Get on their level—like children, cats and dogs see the world from a different vantage point. Instead of shooting photos from your level—looking down at them—lower your camera to their level and snap away. The difference is a more interesting and more charming pet portrait.
  4. Find the best light— other than your camera equipment, good light is the most important part of any photo shoot. Try to shoot under bright and diffused light. Bright light, such as outside under a sunny, cloudless sky, really makes colors pop but can result in harsh shadows. Cloudy days render a more diffused light, which softens your images for an entirely different feel. Shoot in both situations and choose the images you like best.
  5. Reward your actors—cats and dogs (cats especially) can be divas. They have short attention spans, so it’s wise to keep treats or toys handy in case they decide to mosey away from the set. These incentives can also make their eyes light up (see the second point) and make for a better picture.
  6. Clean your set—there’s nothing worse than a cluttered background. To keep the focus on the star of the portrait, get rid of any unnecessary objects in your shooting location.ese incentives can also make their eyes light up (see the second point) and make for a better picture.

Also be sure to remain quiet and move slowly while shooting. Loud noises or sudden movements can spook your pet and make them less willing to cooperate.

Make Sure You Have the Right Supplies

You don’t need to be a world-famous photographer to snap the perfect pet pic. All you need is your furry companion, a beautiful backdrop, and the right camera lens. We recommend the Let Us Know What You Need

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