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Not Sure Which Photography Equipment Is Right for You? Try Camera Rental First!

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Rent and test lenses and cameras before making a financial investment in new photography equipment.

When it comes to taking better pictures, you know you need the right equipment—the problem is you don’t always know exactly what that is. With so many brands and changing technology, buying a new camera or lens without knowing all its capabilities, if it will work with your other equipment, or how it’ll feel can be an expensive gamble. Don’t waste time and money on the wrong pieces—camera rental from Art’s Cameras Plus in Greenfield is the easy, affordable way to try new equipment so you can buy the best with confidence.

When you’re ready to add to your camera bag, start with a trial to avoid an error. You can browse our rental options online, or stop by our Greenfield store for advice from our camera experts. We have a large selection of equipment that you can test out for a day, a week, or for as long as it takes you to decide if it’s right for you. If you love it, buy it here and you’ll get a great price and service that no online retailer can match. If it’s not all you expected, your deposit is fully refundable with safe return and you can try something else, without purchasing anything upfront or making a big financial investment.

Other Reasons to Rent Photographic Equipment

Professionals often rent specialized gear, knowing that they can pay for it by including this cost in their quote to the client.

For photo enthusiasts, once you try a great new camera or lens, chances are you’ll want to own it. But there are some pieces you know you won’t use much, so it makes more sense to rent them just for special events, a vacation, or any time you have a unique photo opportunity. This is true of cameras, lenses, accessories, or lighting or video equipment. All are available at Art’s Greenfield store for your short-term needs.

More Ways to Save on the Camera You Really Want

As one of only a handful of stores in the area dedicated exclusively to outfitting photographers, we have some affordable options you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Trade in and trade up. At Art’s, you can offset the cost of your new equipment by trading in the pieces you no longer want or need. Although we will purchase some gear outright, we may offer you a bit more if you decide to trade for other equipment we carry or accept payment in the form of an Art’s gift card, as long as it’s something we’re looking for and it’s in good working order.
  • Buy used equipment. Secondhand is the first choice for many who want to upgrade without overspending. This is ideal for developing photographers who are working their way from novice to enthusiast and beyond.

As you become more proficient in your photography, we’re here to help you with better equipment, too. Start by renting so you can test a new camera or experiment with different lenses, then trade in or buy pre-owned items to hone your new skills without breaking the bank.

At Art’s, we don’t want cost to come between you and the best possible images, so visit our local stores in Waukesha or Greenfield to learn how you can spend less and do more.


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