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Here's to the New Year: Goals to Improve Your Photography

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

Whether you're new to photography or perhaps you've been a photographer for a while but have been looking to improve your skills, we've compiled a list of things to take on in the new year!

Take a Class

Classes are the quickest and easiest way to learn technical skills, shooting techniques and photography concepts without spending hours on the internet. With photography classes, you have the benefit of asking the instructor specific questions about your camera or shooting style and getting an immediate answer. 

At Art's Cameras Plus, we offer a variety of classes both for beginners and those looking to dive deeper into photography. 

Intro to DSLR classes

Your basics class that covers the need-to-know things to get you started with your DSLR. Pair it with the 5 week course for more in depth accompanied classes that will help explain exposure and composition.

201 Classes

Specialty classes, such as life and eventsclasses to learn about lighting, and macro photography.

1on1 Consultation

A personalized, by-appointment, 1on1 class with a certified instructor on whatever topic or topics you wish to learn about. Cater it to your photography style and interests! 

Work with A Live Subject

If your forte is typically landscapes or inanimate objects, try your hand at working with a live subject. Working with a live subject can be candid and unpredictable and can make for some of the best shots that just couldn't have been captured if you had planned it. Part of shooting live subjects is patience and an eye for movement and detail, so make sure you pay attention and are willing to wait for that perfect shot.

Try New Perspectives

You can make photography interesting through macro (close up) photography and unique angles. Photography is an art form after all, and your photos don't have to always portray your entire surroundings all at once. Try getting close to a particular subject or play around with shooting from great heights or extremely low to the ground. 

Travel Somewhere New

You don't have to visit somewhere entirely new and exotic to get breathtaking photos, however it can help! You'll be taking in that place for the first time, so naturally your mind wanders over every detail it can, typically resulting in fantastic photos based on instinctive photographing. But you don't have to leave the country or even the state to get that. Even visiting a nearby city you can get similar results. Whether you've traveled there or not before, pretend like it's the first time you've been there. Don't overthink your photos and just shoot!

Whatever you end up photographing this new year, remember that there's always something new to learn and shoot! 

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