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Five Facts About Flash Photography

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

Learn how the right flash can make all the difference in your photos

The technology in today’s cameras make the auto-flash feature pretty reliable—your equipment can quickly assess and adjust to lighting needs for better images. For really great images, however, you’ll need to understand and control lighting. When you do this, photography goes from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are five tips from the pros at Art’s Cameras Plus to help you get better pictures in a flash:

  1. A flash doesn’t light what you’re shooting, at least not directly—your camera actually records the light bouncing off your subject.
  2. The guide number (GN) takes into account the aperture (f/stop) and distance (from flash to subject) needed for proper exposure—when shopping for lighting equipment, remember the higher the guide number, the better it will work from a distance.
  3. Soften the flash by bouncing it off a ceiling or wall. When you angle your flash head to 45 degrees and bounce the flash, light doesn’t reflect or refract as much. Especially when photographing people, you’ll notice a more natural look and better skin tones compared to the harsh, flat light of a straight-on flash.
  4. As you discover the advantages to controlling your light, experiment with two or three off-camera flashes for outstanding, professional effects. Today’s cameras and flashes can be set to fire and communicate wirelessly for quick and easy set-up in the field.
  5. Owner’s manuals and online videos will only get you so far, and most people learn faster with the hands-on experience of an interactive class. Art’s has more than 20 classes every month, including one dedicated to flash photography. Our photographers will explain how different flashes and lighting works, through-the-lens (TTL) and manual exposure, flash metering techniques, and how to use flash modifiers to make a real difference in your results.

Focus on Learning at Local Camera Stores

Learning about and understanding flash photography has challenged photographers for years, but mastering it is well worth the effort. In fact, when you know how to use lighting accessories, they add value to all your equipment and your experience with it. Best of all, you can try a new piece before you buy it with Art’s rental option at Art’s in Greenfield, or you can buy quality pre-owned equipment at both our Waukesha and Greenfield stores. Stop in for the help you need with the equipment you want as you develop your interest and skills in photography.


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