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Falling for Changing Seasons

Posted by Art's Cameras Plus on

Photographing the end of fall as it flirts with winter’s entrance can be one of the most exciting times for those who live behind the lens. Mother Nature showers us with fiery colors falling from tree branches against the impending reach of a snowy embrace. Different parts of the country experience this changing of the seasonal guard in different ways, but regardless of whether you are wearing shorts in Texas during Thanksgiving dinner or are bundled up for a frozen evening stroll in Maine, this time of year yields endless opportunities to take in the transition of seasons.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the season’s gifts:

Consider Grandeur:Many photographs of autumn trees are taken from a head-on position.This approach is fine, but why not play with perspective? The next time you discover a tree with a bounty of changing leaves, consider shooting from the base upward.This technique allows you to portray the majesty of the tree itself along with the colorful sunburst of leaves. It also adds the benefit of working in the texture of the tree’s trunk. The combination of texture and color can create a breathtaking image and help you see the see the season in a new way.

Explore New Areas:Even if you are spending time in your childhood town, a place you are sure you know inside and out, consider the possibility of new places for you to explore and photograph. Each area changes over time and our memory sometimes colors our expectations regarding what our surroundings have to offer. Explore a local park or pathway with fresh eyes and try to view it through the perspective of a visitor.What do you see that challenges your memory, surprising you in unexpected ways?

Protect Your Gear:This time of year brings unexpected downpours, snow flurries and potential freezes, all of which can wreak havoc with your trusty equipment.Protect your investment with a couple of accessories designed to keep your gear dry and fully operational.

For wet weather situations, a ProMaster Rain Jacket will protect your camera and lens, allowing you to photograph in inclement weather without missing a shot. You can access all controls through two side sleeves and the transparent back panel allows you to easily view the LCD screen and monitor all controls. Get yours


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