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Get Creative

Flower Photography

In this 2-hour class you'll learn how to take great close-ups. We'll explore the special settings in your camera that will help you get excellent results automatically as well as how to creatively control your settings to produce award winning images. We'll talk about different lenses, controlling your light, white balancing your camera and show some "outside the box" techniques for dramatic effects. Although some of the class will pertain specifically to owners of detachable lens cameras, much of the information will be helpful to owners of a quality digital compact camera.

$39/person or $29.25 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club

Thursday, March 29th 6:00pm-8:00pm Waukesha Jerry register.png





Creative Macro Photography Workshop

Learn to see ordinary objects as fascinating photographic subjects in this 3-session macro workshop (lecture, hands-on, critique). We will discuss equipment and advanced shooting techniques necessary to capture close-up images in awesome detail. Topics covered include camera settings, depth of field, fine-focusing, focus stacking, lighting, and subject ideas as well as other helpful hints. We will also reveal the secret to creating artistic shots using household items.

$129/person or $96.75 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club


Tuesday, March 20th (Lecture)

Tuesday, March 27th (Shoot)

Tuesday, April 3rd (Discussion)

6:00pm-8:30pm Greenfield Monica register.png







How to See Creatively

The secret to an award winning photo is great composition. Learn to visualize and create great photos using all of the key elements of composition. Topics include lenses, isolating details, leading lines, patterns, shapes, and much more!

$49/person or $36.75 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club

Event Closed 6:00pm-8:30pm Greenfield Jennell Event Closed



 Check back or call the store to find out when our next How to See Creatively class will be held.


Intro to Video

Learn the basics of taking videos with your DSLR camera.  We will cover settings including resolution, frame rate, focus modes and more. We will also discuss composition, exposure, audio and accessories, You will come away with the knowledge and techniques to create amazing videos.

$49/person or $36.75 with Art's Learn & Shoot Club

Thursday, April 5th 6:00pm-8:30pm Greenfield Holly
Thursday, May 24th 6:00pm-8:30pm Greenfield Holly





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