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Photographers, camera enthusiasts and image specialists are creative by nature, always looking at the big picture. That’s why we’ve used this phrase in naming our blog—because we also see more when it comes to the world of photography. This monthly blog will share the latest on the products, techniques and opportunities that take your passion and your pictures to the next level. Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to smile!

Classes for Photographers, By Photographers—At Art’s

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Learn photography from the qualified staff at Art's Cameras Plus

You can learn almost anything online, but the difference is that little word: almost. When it comes to photography, there is no substitute, site, app, or video that can replace the hands-on experience of learning from an actual photographer who is passionate about what he or she does. That’s what you’ll find at Art’s Camera Plus—true professionals who use cameras, lenses, and accessories every day to capture great images—and want to help you do the same.

So Many Teachers, So Many Topics

Art’s has over 20 classes each month, all taught by a team that understands the tools and technologies of their trade. Most are certified photographic consultants while others have worked as professional photographers for weddings, events, or agencies. Their experience ranges from years to decades, and each brings something different into focus. Some specialize in macro-photography, others love a lighting challenge, and still others do their best work with family sessions and pet portraits. There are classes in all these areas and more, including five-week, brand-specific programs designed to help you understand what it takes to get your best images.

This kind of in-person, classroom-style learning is ideal for so many reasons, but mostly because photography itself is personal by nature. Instead of looking at diagrams or clips from YouTube, you’ll be working closely with an instructor who can demonstrate techniques, answer your questions, and share helpful stories. From Ray Llanas, who loves photographing wild mushrooms to Monica Laatsch who worked her way through college as a photographic lab technician, our staff is here to make photography easy and fun. You’re also side-by-side with other aspiring photographers—people you’re sure to have something in common with. Art’s plans monthly outings for groups of enthusiastic photographers to get together and practice shooting. This is Art’s Focus Group (Fun Opportunities for Creating Unique Shots), and another way to make friends while you venture out on field trips to shoot in various sites around Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. It’s FREE to join, and you’ll get e-mails with details of where and when we’ll meet so you can choose which events you’d like to join us for.

All classes are held at our Waukesha or Greenfield stores, with additional one-on-one consultations available if you have a specific need or schedule. At Art’s, we value every customer who comes through our door, and are proud to have the classes, services, and staff that keep them coming back.

Making Photography More Affordable: Trade Up, Buy Used, or Rent Equipment

Photography is a growing interest—not only are more people discovering the art of taking pictures, but once they start, their enthusiasm tends to grow as well. And so does their personal inventory of equipment. Developing your skills with new cameras, lenses, and accessories is fun, but it can also become expensive. At Art’s Cameras Plus, [...]

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Class Is Always in Session at Art’s!

While students of all ages are heading back to school, those students wanting to take better pictures are heading to Art’s Cameras Plus for some of the best photography classes in Milwaukee. Our education department, Art’s Photo Academy, offers more than 20 different classes each month to help people get familiar with the best equipment [...]

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Why Buy Online? Get Great Prices and a Better Experience at Art’s Cameras Plus

Today, it’s unusual to buy anything without at least looking online first, whether for prices or reviews. We get that. But when purchasing something as technical as today’s digital cameras online, being left on your own to figure it out when the box arrives can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. At Art’s Cameras Plus, we [...]

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The Next 50 Years: Focusing on New Faces

Last month, Art’s Cameras Plus celebrated its 50th anniversary—and while that gave us a lot of reasons to look back, we’re always looking forward. Our business is changing, and we’re excited to be on the leading edge of technology, with the latest digital equipment and services. But high tech is only part of it—photography [...]

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Art’s Cameras Plus Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary—And the Art of Photography

Photography is a rapidly developing field, but it is still a special art form and the best way to capture a feeling, a moment, and a memory. Art’s Cameras Plus has also been through some great changes in its 50-year history, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped thousands of people take the pictures [...]

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Tamron redefines the SP seies of lenses.

REDEFINING THE SP SERIES LENSES DESIGNED FOR THE NEW ERA OF IMAGINGFirst to debut: two fast, fixed focal standard lenses packed with exceptional features that deliver ultimate performance SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F012)SP 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F013) September 2, 2015, Commack, New York- Tamron, a leading manufacturer of optics for [...]

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Recording Your Road Trip

Road trips are a favorite American summer pastime – and with good reason.  The idea of packing up the car for an impromptu weekend adventure or a two week traipse across the country is appealing and exciting, especially to those with a love of photography.  The promise of new and spectacular scenery compels us to [...]

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The One Filter You Need For Summer Photography

The ProMaster HGX UV filter is designed specifically for digital lenses, so it minimizes internal reflections created by CCD and CMOS sensors. This filter also includes the exclusive Repellamax® element resistant coating, shielding your lens from moisture, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and other environmental hazards, ensuring your images are tack sharp. If you have to pick [...]

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Summer Beach Photo Quick Tip

Summer is all about capturing those special vacation moments, and beach photos top the list of trends on today’s Instagram feeds. Photographing waves requires a faster shutter speed to freeze the action of the water and to also combat against possible overexposure that may occur from the strong sun’s reflection. Just make sure you have [...]

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