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Photographers, camera enthusiasts and image specialists are creative by nature, always looking at the big picture. That’s why we’ve used this phrase in naming our blog—because we also see more when it comes to the world of photography. This monthly blog will share the latest on the products, techniques and opportunities that take your passion and your pictures to the next level. Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to smile!

The Next 50 Years: Focusing on New Faces

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Great images will always be part of how we communicate to one another Last month, Art’s Cameras Plus celebrated its 50th anniversary—and while that gave us a lot of reasons to look back, we’re always looking forward. Our business is changing, and we’re excited to be on the leading edge of technology, with the latest digital equipment and services. But high tech is only part of it—photography is a very personal experience and we are also leading the way when it comes to making our customers feel comfortable and helping them get better results.

Once upon a time, most cameras were in the hands of men, with dads taking the occasional family portrait or a male photographer taking care of business. Whether it was the expense of cameras and film, the perceived responsibility, or just that women were more comfortable in front of the lens, this was the norm for several generations. Well, today’s photographer looks a little different—and we love it. Women, particularly young mothers, are taking advantage of digital technology and taking more pictures. The photo industry gave this demographic a name—the “Jennifers.” Not just selfies or for social media, their pictures create history among friends and family, and they are serious about saving and sharing their work.

We’re Comfortable With Change

So we got serious about their needs, too. Camera stores were once like warehouses, with boxes of product stacked in front of display cases, but now it’s all about comfort and encouraging people to spend more time with us. We offer fun accessories, like interchangeable smartphone lenses. We have a full digital print suite so customers can order photos, play with digital images, or create personalized gifts, all while enjoying free coffee and free advice from our team of certified photographic consultants. Both stores feature a play area for kids, allowing for mom and dad to have a better shopping experience. Our Greenfield store has changing tables in both bathrooms, accessible counters, and even drive-through service for picking up orders on-the-go. It’s not just “Jennifer” who wants to do more with photography—all our customers seem to enjoy a friendly environment that encourages them to get creative.

Classy Is Better!

We also encourage customers to get better. In-store advice is always available, but if you really want to make the most of your equipment and opportunities, education is important. We offer more than 20 classes every month where you can learn from our professionals in a helpful, hands-on setting. From hardware basics to tricks of the trade and the latest technology, we cover everything you need to know to get the best possible images. Or join our “ Focus Group” and take monthly field trips with our team to hone your photography skills and have some fun, all while getting to know other photo enthusiasts.

Yes, photography and photographers have changed, but great images will always be part of how we communicate and relate to one another. For more about the service and experience that can make YOU a better photographer, bookmark this page and check back for new blogs.

Art’s Cameras Plus Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary—And the Art of Photography

Photography is a rapidly developing field, but it is still a special art form and the best way to capture a feeling, a moment, and a memory. Art’s Cameras Plus has also been through some great changes in its 50-year history, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped thousands of people take the pictures [...]

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Tamron redefines the SP seies of lenses.

REDEFINING THE SP SERIES LENSES DESIGNED FOR THE NEW ERA OF IMAGINGFirst to debut: two fast, fixed focal standard lenses packed with exceptional features that deliver ultimate performance SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F012)SP 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F013) September 2, 2015, Commack, New York- Tamron, a leading manufacturer of optics for [...]

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Recording Your Road Trip

Road trips are a favorite American summer pastime – and with good reason.  The idea of packing up the car for an impromptu weekend adventure or a two week traipse across the country is appealing and exciting, especially to those with a love of photography.  The promise of new and spectacular scenery compels us to [...]

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The One Filter You Need For Summer Photography

The ProMaster HGX UV filter is designed specifically for digital lenses, so it minimizes internal reflections created by CCD and CMOS sensors. This filter also includes the exclusive Repellamax® element resistant coating, shielding your lens from moisture, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and other environmental hazards, ensuring your images are tack sharp. If you have to pick [...]

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Summer Beach Photo Quick Tip

Summer is all about capturing those special vacation moments, and beach photos top the list of trends on today’s Instagram feeds. Photographing waves requires a faster shutter speed to freeze the action of the water and to also combat against possible overexposure that may occur from the strong sun’s reflection. Just make sure you have [...]

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Managing Photos on iOS 8

Recommendations For Managing Your Photos in iOS 8iOS 8 includes iCloud Photo Library, Apple's photo sharing and cloud storage solution for all of your pictures on all of your devices, all of the time. Should you use it? Here is what we recommend:If you haven't turned on iCloud Photo Library, we recommend you continue [...]

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Speedlight Solving On-Location Lighting Problems with Erik Valind

Speedlight Solving On-Location Lighting Problems with Erik Valind and Rogue FlashBender So what happens when you show up to your location shoot for an engagement, and your head begins spinning because the lighting is terrible? You may think to yourself, "I only have the basics on hand, a camera and flash, what am I going to [...]

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A new way to photograph weddings: Lytro!

Check out the Illum at Art's!April 1st, Art's Cameras Plus will be holding a workshop led by Lytro's Training Manager, Rick Berk, as he explains the Lytro-Illum camera and its revolutionary light field technology. Learn the variety of output options, and how you can incorporate them into your wedding and portrait workflow. Rick will present [...]

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New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Your Photos in Five Steps

Now that the holiday season has ended, what are you going to do with those 527 photos you took? And didn’t your daughter have some great shots on her iPhone? One of the many joys of digital photography is the ability to snap away with reckless abandon. Sorting and organizing afterward? Not [...]

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